Spirituality & Style: The Foundation for Confidence


by Diane Danvers Simmons, 

Published on HuffingtonPost.com & GalTime.com July 2016.

Give a girl a pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.  Marilyn Monroe

Spirituality in Stilettos  celebrates a women’s spiritual bliss grounded in her own Truth and style !

 Maybe Style isn’t the first word that comes to mind when talking about spirituality, but the secret is that the two are not mutually exclusive; actually together they are a harmonious powerful duo. After all Spirituality is just a big word for the truth and joy of whom we are.

Embracing our spiritual bliss doesn’t mean we have to give up everything we love about style and fashion. In essence, style is the infinite expression of our creativity, our own unique way we present ourselves to the world. The truth we often forget is, style and spirituality have been intertwined since the beginning of time. They are a distinct hallmark of ceremonies, traditions and cultural expression.

Liberate yourself and honor your own Spiritual Style by embracing the following:

Own it – Spirituality and Style is the outward expression of our inner self.

Style gives people a perspective of who we are through our actions and appearance, our reflection for the world to view, an expression of our creative flair. Style gives us the chance to be curious and explore what suits not just our body and situation but our life and all the options open to us.

Think about it for a moment. When we go into a meeting or out on a date, we take time to think about how we want to present ourselves to the world. WHY, because to often we only get one chance at a first impression and we want to ensure it’s a good one. Our outward demeanor is an indicator of our inward expression. It’s not the totality of who we are, but it does give others a clue as to who we are.

Feel it– Spiritual style exudes Confidence:

Each of our unique qualities and style, so take ownership and pride in them and show them to the world. Style is the gauge and companion of our every mood and action. A chosen Style makes a statement without even having to open our mouth. It says I’m comfortable in my skin and with my choices. I know what and how I feel right now.

I’m willing to own my choices, tap into my heart and share who I am and what I have to offer the world…even if it’s not your taste.

It’s the dress that makes us feel beautiful with a pair of stilettos that scream I’m ready to conquer the world. Our favorite pair of jeans and big comfy sweater that says I’m relaxed in my own skin.

Live it -Don’t let a label define you!

Ask yourself, could the label on the garment or the shoe be your name …NO, unless you’re lucky enough to be Donna Karan or Diane Von Furstenberg! A label does not define us, it is not the be and end all of our existence. We give the label life and validity by how you wear it. When you find a designer, a style that highlights all your gorgeous qualities and makes you feel fabulous …then you have style and spirituality working in harmony, it Your label. Stop comparing yourself to another, value and take pride in your own style and truth and trust that others will see and accept you for you, not a label.

Style has a language of it’s own that goes beyond geographical borders

Style has a language that goes beyond the constraints of the spoken word. Style acknowledges and respects diversity and individuality.

Spirituality doesn’t have a dress code. It offers us a free pass to pay attention to the details in our life, to have fun with your own creativity and express yourself the way you want and feel for the occasion. Remember you can’t please all of the people all the time, so please yourself!

Ultimately, it’s the fire in your eyes, smile on your face, a positive attitude and the energy in your stride that are the best foundation for any outfit and attitude shows the world you’re willing and ready to….Strut down the runway of life dressed in your own truth and style and live life by your own definition.

Diane Danvers-Simmons is a passionate, visionary global citizen who offers solutions to inspire women to embrace their core values and live life by their own definition with wit & wisdom. Through inspired Spirituality in Stilettos programming, uplifting Made by Survivors jewelry, impactful documentaries, and speaking engagements, Diane creates experiences and brands to raise awareness, uplift souls, inspire action, empower and connect people from all walks of life on one universal journey for a brighter, more enlightened future. For more information visit www.ownitfeelitliveit.com.http://i0.wp.com/galtime.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Diane-headshot.png

Raising your children to “Own” their place in the world


Published June 2016: on Momiverse.com, Dr Laura.com and Hitched.com.

Raising Compassionate, Mindful, Global citizens!

I hate to scare you, Mums, but being a mother is the ultimate job of a lifetime. This is your chance to make an impact, a difference in the world, all while creating a unique and special bond for eternity.

A child is so much more than the sweet helpless one-year old you swaddle in your arms – with those gorgeous doe eyes that gaze up into yours for security, love and guidance. This is a beautiful soul – watching and listening to the person he or she trusts the most – you!

You are his or her lifeline and first role model. I’m not suggesting you put on your crown and robe and start prancing around like the queen of England. This is not about control. It’s about bringing out the best in humanity.

I’m a mother of four – two from my very own body and two older stepchildren. The rules of engagement are different for both sets, but the underlying values are the same.

Own being a mother like a warrior with confidence and self-respect. If you want to raise your child to own their own actions, they need to become independent, creative thinkers. Teach your child to own their place in the world by following your lead.

Your responsibility to your offspring is to nurture and guide them within the protection and support of your love, because the truth is:

Children find in the eyes of their parents the mirror in which they define themselves. Fill them with nothing and they become nothing.–William Galser, psychologist

Prepare your child for a global society with the following Own it feel it Live it guiding principles. With these principles, no matter what situation they encounter, your children will have the strength and know-how to endure and succeed in a compassionate, mindful, manner.

1. Set safe boundaries.

Kids feel safer when you set boundaries. As your child tests you, he is really testing his place in the world. He is testing your ability to stay rational and present. You are not your child’s best friend. You are the one safe place where your child can find love, truth, and trust.

2. Instill confidence.

Trust your own intuition and choices, but most importantly your child’s abilities and choices. A person can only feel confident if they are given the chance to test their place in the world, explore and try new challenges, so your child can feel capable. Be patient! Engage your child in activities so he can gain strength and knowledge through real-life, everyday experiences – whether it’s making a smoothie that ends up as an artistic wall covering or picking up leaves all over the yard after a storm. Be your child’s cheerleader and let he or she own the experience so he can feel self-respect, capable, accomplished.

Without these experiences of failure and success, your child may think, “Why bother? They don’t believe I can do anything!” Give your child the confidence to avoid becoming a slacker, living off mom and dad for eternity. No, thank you!

3. Nurture success and support individuality.

Children want and need to be productive and valuable members of society. Your role is to create an environment where your child feels his life has meaning and what she has to contribute has value. I’m not suggesting false praise, but rather genuine validation for success. Be present. Listen to what’s important to them, so they feel significant. Don’t judge prematurely. It’s your child’s unique gifts the world needs next, not yours. Let go and encourage your child to be curious, ask questions, and own the outcome with pride and passion.

4. Encourage conversation and eye contact.

Have lots of conversations with your children. Remember the quote “fill them up,” well, I wasn’t referring to just food! It’s only through the simple act of conversation that a child learns interpersonal skills. Ban the electronics from the table and teach your children how to have eye contact, listen, exchange ideas, and respect their own and other opinions. Ultimately, the art of conversation gives a child and your future global citizen assurance that they do have a voice and the freedom to express their own feelings, ideas, and needs!

If you encourage your child to be the author of their own life, they stand a good chance of being effective, happy, healthy members of society. Most importantly, they become the best version of themselves, and in turn, you!

Own it, Feel it, Live it, and Take Pride in Raising a Valuable Global Citizen!

With Love 

Diane Danvers Simmons