Spirituality in Stilettos – “Own it Feel it Live it” Series, June 4th ,5th & 8th


Spirituality in Stilettos

Three session workshop
Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit
in the Modern World with Wit & Wisdom

There are no coincidences… it’s just up to us, to be present,

take notice & act.

Diane Danvers Simmons

In this fast-paced media driven world, we hunger for truth, balance, clarity, and authentic growth, with the desire for more meaningful, emotional, social and physical connection. But how do we get there?

Diane will share three simple steps “Own it Feel it Live it , “to help reignite your spirit and regain your life balance, through a unique three part Spirituality in Stilettos experience, connecting you to your greatest source of knowledge YOU.

Join Diane in a safe haven where you can pause and rediscover the value and joy of investing in yourself. In this way, women will be reminded of the importance of paying attention to the details of our lives through the power of self reflection and the core reality that health and happiness cannot be separated from what we think, what we feel, and what we do at any phase of life. SIS offers a multidimensional approach, blending the best of East and West to help women nourish and enrich their everyday lives while remaining grounded in their very own truth and style.

The series flows into three parts, all of which bring the essence of, Own it, Feel It, Live It to life through unique teachings, fun, insightful interactive exercises, journaling, yoga, meditation, sensory awareness, and discussion … along with some surprises!

Workshops June 4th, 5th & 8th 2016

Spirituality in Stilettos

Own your power, Feel your Spirit, Live your life with Wit & Wisdom

By Giving women an opportunity to explore, connect, and rediscover the value and joy of investing in themselves, Diane’s Spirituality in Stilettos (SIS) workshops, highlight the power of mind, body, spirit unity to promote total well-being for a happier, healthier life.

The series comprises of  three 2 hour  Spirituality in Stilettos experiences where women can switch off from the daily chatter. This new format gives each of you time in between the Own it, Feel it, Live it, sessions to reflect and come back to discuss within the group or in private

Own it – Sunset Center, Carmel, CA: June 4th 1.30pm – 4pm

Own Your Power: Take the first step to enhanced self- awareness. Take ownership of your life, your choices – Self reflection/awareness exercises, journaling, interactive exercises with group and discussion. Held at Carmel’s premier performing arts center for artistic and educational programming in the heart of Carmel’

Feel it – OM Oasis Yoga studio, Carmel,CA: June 5th 1.00- 3PM

Feel your Spirit: Nourish, Reconnect, balance and free your mind, body and spirit to flow in unity for improved health and well-being. Express yourself through the movement of Yoga, simple meditation, journaling in Om Oasis’s beautiful studio offering an energizing , inspiring space saturated with natural light

Live it – A Carmel Wine Tasting room, June 8th 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Live your life with Wit & Wisdom: Join us at a local wine tasting room, where you’ll have the opportunity to celebrate “Living it” with Friends old and new. Enjoy delectable wine-tasting flights and sumptuous appetizers during the concluding LIVE IT session. This reception will feature lots of camaraderie and some interactive exercises intended help you embrace the lessons learned through Own it and Feel it so you can live it the way you choose and Strut down Life’s runway in your own Spirituality in Stilettos.

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This is an event you won’t want to miss, Ladies — An affirming and enlightening opportunity to explore the strengths of a multi- dimensional approach to life, and demonstrate what a powerful difference can be made when we come together and support each other in a common goal. Maximum of 20 spots available.

To make your reservation & ensure your spot at this unique OFL series, please e–mail Diane@ownitfeelitliveit.com for cost and sign up by May 19th 2016

For more information about Diane Danvers Simmons and her work with Own It, Feel It, Live It, visit her official website at www.ownitfeelitliveit.com.

Spirituality in Stilettos at the Sunset Cultural Center Carmel


FullSizeRender-3Special thanks to the Sunset Cultural Center, Carmel, for inviting me to  be a keynote speaker as part of the Healing Arts Series. The series mission is to foster community vitality through education and enrichment programs such as, Spirituality in Stilettos – Own it Feel it Live it (OFL), for better wellness in our everyday lives.

Heartfelt thanks, to over 65 people who filled the room ready to open their minds, and hearts to connect, and support each other as they listened to the value of paying attention to the details of their lives through three simple steps, OFL, to reconnect, rebalance and reignite mind, body, and spirit. It was so rewarding and inspirational to watch people be open to new ways of thinking, go within, embrace the philosophy of mind, body, spirit unity, laugh, cry and  to share their experiences as the evening unfolded with the entire group.


Forums such as these reinforce my belief in the importance and power of human connection, to self, each other and the difference we can make when we come together to support each other in  personal growth and empowerment. My hope is to help people expand with love, trust, and compassion, rather than be held hostage by fear.

Genuine Connection and Community is key to our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of mankind!!

Immense gratitude to my friends and family who continue to push and support me on my journey with SIS/ OFL…you know who you are and I love you !!

FullSizeRender-2OWN IT, FEEL IT, LIVE IT, with WIT &WISDOM !