“Dishing” My Own Story

“Up, Up, and Away and I Lived to Tell The Story!”

My gutsy story is not simply one of travel. It’s sitting here painstakingly tapping my fingers two at a time on my laptop as I attempt to transfer the truth of my heart, the tone of my voice, and the nuances of my English wit and spelling into the written word. I’d have no problem talking in front of the United Nations about the virtues of brussel sprouts, but honing down one day of my journey to Morocco into 1000 words is terrifying!

When I started this narration I intended to simply share the tale of a rather eventful day in my quest to overcome my fear of heights, which baffled me as I was a dare devil in training as a child. But as I began to write, it became obvious I had lost my wings to fly and I needed to get them back again. Continue reading…