Balancing & Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit in the Modern World With Wit & Wisdom


In this fast-paced, media-overloaded world, we hunger for truth, balance, and clarity. We desire human and furthermore, spiritual connection. But, we often find ourselves questioning, “how do I get there”?

Imagine an afternoon where you invest in your reality – not a media-driven adaptation of it. Where you discover that health and happiness cannot be separated from what we think, what we feel, and what we choose to do at any phase. Where you rediscover your voice, without having to compete for it to be heard. Where you release yourself from personal and societal expectations and feel your mind, body, and spirit reconnect.

Diane has connected with Fox Creek Ranch and vineyards to offer a unique experience where women can switch off from the daily chatter and immerse themselves in the serenity and beauty of Mother Nature in Carmel Valley.

Imagine a forum dedicated to you: your journey, your ambitions, and the path you envision. Join facilitator and key note speaker Diane Danvers Simmons as she shares three simple steps “Own it, Feel it, Live it,” for reigniting your spirit, regaining your life balance and living life by your own definition.

Half day Forum: October 7th, 1pm to 5pm at Fox Creek Ranch and Vineyards, Carmel Valley Ranch rd, Carmel Valley CA.
Will include interactive exercises, journaling, simple meditation, Yoga and conclude with a wine reception with appetizers overlooking the vineyards and Valley.
Maximum 24 participant $135 to secure your spot.
10% of profits will be donated to Impower Charity of choice for the month of October 2016.

Own your Power, Feel Your Spirit, Live Your Life with Wit & Wisdom.

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